Community Sign Content Submission
Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about our newly constructed community event sign.  As a celebration of our Club's 100 year anniversary, we decided to honor this milestone by placing this community event sign to further commemorate the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self".  This sign will be used to promote non-commercial community events.
Please review our guidelines and standards for before submitting a request.  If your content falls within our guidelines, please fill out the form below.  First and foremost, we must follow IA DOT regulations, which can be found by clicking here.
Guidelines for Public Service Announcements (non-commercial to raise awareness)
  • All Montgomery County projects or events are eligible with surrounding community projects at the discretion of the Red Oak Rotary Club.
  • Messages must be a public service type
  • Events must be open to the entire public
  • Every PSA regarding an event as a fundraising benefit must designate a purpose for funds.
  • Fundraisers must be for charitable organizations or causes (ie: fire department, churches, etc)
  • All marquee announcements are at the discretion of the Red Oak Rotary
Unallowable Messages
  • Personal/individual messages with the exception of military service people at the discretion of the Red Oak Rotary Club
  • Messages strictly for advertising purposes
  • Political messages
  • Messages in which the public could interpret as having double meanings
  • Any questionable subject matter
  • Any messages of illegal products to be sold to individuals of all ages (i.e. alcohol, cigarettes)
  • A continuously recurring event
All displayed announcements are at the discretion of the Red Oak Rotary Club